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How To Clean Water Filters And Reuse Them?

The rising water pollution levels have made it essential to have a water filtration system in every house. The water comes out of the taps is no longer clean or fit to drink. For this reason people often purchase a filter and use it in their homes. But cleaning of this filter is also very much essential in order to get pure drinking water. If you do not clean the filter, you have to purchase a new one every few months. This will be quite expensive in the long run. It is also very bad for the environment. Hence one can say that, it is a wise idea these days to invest in a water filter that can be cleaned and reused at home.

In order to clean the water filter you have to initially fill a bucket with around half a gallon of water. Then you have to mix muriatic acid with the water. As far as possible perform the procedure outdoors in a well ventilated area because chemicals are involved. In the next step, mix two cups of muriatic acid in the bucket of water. In order to mix it thoroughly make use of a long plastic stirrer. Now keep the bucket aside for some time. Make use of a high pressure hose to loosen the debris sticking to the water filter. Use the hose to spray over areas having lots of calcium and rust deposits. Now place the water filter in the bucket that contains the water and muriatic acid. For best results, allow the filter to soak in water for a duration of five days.

Make sure that the bucket is placed in a well ventilated area. Also keep it away from pets and minors as the acid is dangerous for kids and pets. After five days, remove the filter from the solution of muriatic acid and place it inside a bucket of water for around five minutes. Now remove the filter from water and rinse it with the high pressure hose. Now you can reinstall the filter into the water filtration system. Many other different types of filters are also available in the market. The cleaning process for each type varies according to the type of filter. For details visit the website

The cleaning process for certain types of filters is simple while for others it is complex. Even though the cleaning process for these filters is simple, it is often time consuming. So one should be patient while performing the cleaning process.